Can you use pennies in a vending machine? We try it out here at the Wolf.

Every once and a while Jess and I have a conversation off the air that leads to us talking about it on the air and that's exactly what happened when we started talking about grabbing something to eat out of the vending machine here at the station.

We are always talking about food and after we we get done talking, we are always hungry. There is usually nothing to eat here, unless you are into vending machine snacks and we both are but we never have the exact change to get anything.

The vending machine here won't take our dollar bills. It keeps asking for exact change to buy something.

Jess was extremely hungry this morning and wanted to grab something quick from the vending machine so she was asking everyone for any change and I noticed that she had some pennies in her stack of change.

I said to her that the machine won't take pennies and in true Jess fashion, she said yes it will, with that "your dumb AF, CJ" look on her face.

So I followed her to the machine with video rolling to prove her wrong....

I am never right when it comes to Jess, so let me enjoy this moment.

OK, I'm done and yes, Jess enjoyed her NutriGrain bar.

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