I know nothing when it comes to beauty trends and tips. I'm usually the one asking my friends what I should do with my face for a night out or big event. So whatever I say next can't be used against me because I already warned you.

I've been seeing all over social media what I like to call the charcoal trend. People are painting their faces with charcoal paste and pulling it off their skin to clear their pores and to be honest it looks painful as hell. Making myself cry in pain isn't high on my list of things to do today, however a few weeks ago I purchased a charcoal mask and it's been in the package collecting dust.

I told myself today was the day that I would put myself through the charcoal trend and try out my mask and the charcoal teeth whitening powder I bought off Amazon because I'm easily influenced.

I tried these weird charcoal products so you don't have to. It wasn't as bad as I expected, however I am still curious about the mask that makes you cry in pain...where do I find one of those? Asking for a friend.

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