There is nothing like kicking off a Monday with a jam packed show.

CJ and I had so much to get to this morning, but my absolute favorite part was sitting down and talking to Gayle Beatty and Deborah Ray about their Bigfoot experiences and sightings.

Over the weekend I went up to Stissing Mountain in Pine Plains to look for Bigfoot on my own. This is after I came across a video of Gayle and Deborah explaining how they've had several experiences in that part of the Hudson Valley.

My search came up empty.

Gayle and Deborah came in knowing that I was a semi-believer in Bigfoot and that CJ was as skeptical as can be. They were super informative about their findings and didn't push their Bigfoot beliefs on CJ.

bf prints

Gayle told us stories about her first experience with a Sasquatch and how she and Debbie became friends through their findings. Debbie, who lives in Hyde Park, recounted her first experience a few years back after she had broken her leg. She was outside watching as a friend cleared off snow from her roof when she looked to the side and saw a huge footprint that was close to 14 inches long.

The ladies discuss their findings and how to research Bigfoot in their children's book "A Young Researcher's Guide to Bigfoot." The book is available on Amazon and their Facebook page.

The ladies also informed me that they have been getting sighting from all around the Hudson Valley. Tivoli, Red Hook and Mount Beacon have all had recent sighting.

Happy Bigfoot hunting!

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