As things warm up in the Hudson Valley, we may experience increased traffic volume, roadwork and delays.

We may all know roads throughout the Hudson Valley that could use repairs.

Some of our favorite roads in the Hudson Valley could also feel serene, and relaxing and could resemble something out of a calendar or painting. I find myself comparing Hudson Valley roads and its landscape to pictures I've seen in other places.

With the lush green fields, flowers blossoming, blue sky, white clouds and white barns, I often think about how people wish to see the views that we experience in the area where we reside.

Have You Been On One Of The Windiest Roads In The Hudson Valley?


A windy Hudson Valley road ranked "One Of The Most Beautiful" in New York.

The Hawk's Nest is known for being a beautiful, scenic location in Port Jervis, NY. This is above the Delaware River which is located on Route 97.

This road runs from Port Jervis, NY to Hancock, NY. I have been on this road numerous times before and after rafting along the Delaware River.

The Hawk's Nest is famous, it has been used in TV commercials and advertisements. You never know what you may come across on this journey.

Here Are Some Of The Most Thrilling Roads To Drive On In The Hudson Valley


Besides the Hawk's Nest in Port Jervis, NY there are other thrilling roads to explore in our area.

Horsenden Road in New Paltz, NY is one of the windiest and most thrilling roads that I have been on within the Hudson Valley. This road may also be referred to as County Rd 17.

Also in Ulster County, the Hairpin Turn in New Paltz, NY is another windy, Hudson Valley road. The hairpin turn can also be referred to as US 44-NY 55 at Mohonk in New Paltz, NY.

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Have you ever been driving on a road and realized there's a sudden and large turn that needs to be made? This is probably everyone's reaction when they experience the Hairpin Turn.

As thrilling as this road can be, be sure to stay aware but also enjoy the ride and scenery the next time that you decide to explore the Hairpin Turn in Ulster County, NY.

While we enjoy the scenic views in the Hudson Valley as spring starts to happen, we also have to be on the lookout for upcoming roadwork, delays, and traffic.

Bridge work has started in Sullivan County, NY.

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When Will Bridge Work Start And End In Sullivan County, NY?


Sullivan County Catskills shared information about bridgework in Harris, NY. On Friday, April 5, 2024, they shared what road and bridge in Sullivan County, NY would be undergoing change.

Sullivan County Catskills explained The Sullivan County Division of Public Works would be working on local roads as of Monday, April 8, 2024.

Work on County Bridge 333 on County Road 174 which is also known as Old Route 17 and is located in the Town of Thompson started on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Sullivan County Catskills stated,

"County Bridge 333 is located in Harris approximately 500 ft. south of the intersection of CR 174 and CR 75 (Harris-Bushville Rd.)."

They also reminded drivers that the section of CR 174 that will be worked on would be operating as single-lane traffic and will also be running by traffic signals.

According to Sullivan County Catskills, this bridge work will continue for approximately 5 weeks. 

In order to avoid bridge work traffic, plan for alternative routes and share this information with other local drivers whose commutes may differ from this bridgework. Additional information can be found with Sullivan County Catskills.

Which road in the Hudson Valley is your favorite to drive on? Do you know of any upcoming roadwork? Tell us more below.

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