Can a business charge you more for using a credit card in New York State? It will probably be of no surprise to you that the answer isn't as cut and dry as one would like.

When can a business legally charge you more than a listed price? How can you report this and to whom do you report it? Continue reading to find out how most New York businesses walk a fine line around these credit card surcharges.

Can a business in New York charge you more for using a credit card?

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The answer that I am going to share with you is exclusive to credit cards, the answer for debit cards (which is different) is below. To put it simply, no a business cannot in New York State charge you a fee for choosing to pay with your credit card. How do businesses usually get around this? They offer you a 3% discount for paying cash, or whatever discount amount or promotion to pay in cash as opposed to using a card.

Can a New York business legally charge you a fee for using your Debit Card?

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PC: Canva / ComStock via TSM

Yes, they can, when it is a Debit Card. The business can charge you a fee for using a debit card. However, they must post that they will. If the business charges you a fee, for any reason without disclosing why they are charging you a fee, then that is where you can report them.

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Keep your receipt showing the fee and then submit it with additional info to the New York State Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division. Again, how do many businesses get around having to pay the extra credit/debit card fees that they as merchants have to pay? They give you incentive to pay cash.

Is there a business that you won't go to ever again because they charged you a fee, sneakily? Or is there a business that you won't go to because they only take cash and you never have cash on hand?

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