Do you dream again of traveling? Maybe flying even? Have you thought about making sure that you are eligible for TSA Pre-check? Maybe even going through the steps of getting the TSA Pre-Check, which means that you have to fill out the paper work, wait for the appointment, then go through the interview (aka fingerprints) and of course you will need to pay a fee.

If there was even a small way that you could make this process easier, would you? What if I found a secret place in the Hudson Valley (or not too secret) that you could complete the interview and get your fingerprints taken? Would it make a difference?

What do you need to get TSA Pre-Check?

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When you get TSA Pre-Check (or even Global Entry), I can only speak for me, it is totally worth it. The cost is $85 to $95, and it is good for 5-years. Worth every penny. You will need to fill-out the enrollment forms, and then schedule the interview.

When I did it 6 or 7-years ago, there was a three month wait for the appointment, depending on which facility you wanted to go to (I went to JFK airport on a Saturday) so when I stumbled on the fact that there are some Staples locations (none in the Hudson Valley) that are able to process the forms, I was like WHAT?

So where is the "Top Secret" TSA Pre-Check Processing location in the Hudson Valley, NY?

As far as the 'secret' location, I had a friend coming to town, and we weren't sure if she could go there as a 'walk-in' (she completed the paper work in 2019, and then just never made it to any of her appointments at the airport. So, when I found out that she could go to the Identgo in Poughkeepsie as a walk-in (appointments are preferred) and complete her paperwork, it was awesome. I took her over to the 205 South Ave, Poughkeepsie business address, walked in about 1:45 PM, there was a temporary reprieve during their appointments and within 10 minutes she had completed every thing that they needed, got her photo taken, fingerprints done, and then we were out of there.

What happens next with the TSA-Pre Check?

My friend was told that in a week or two she would get an email, then her Known Traveler Number, which you add to your airline reservation, that is how you can get the TSA Pre-Check.

Have you taken the time to get TSA Pre-Check? Would you recommend it? Or do you think that it is not worth the effort or the cost?

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