Do you believe that you're a good tipper? Personally, I enjoy leaving a generous tip depending on the quality of service that I receive.

While some people can agree that leaving anywhere from a 15%-30% tip in an establishment is appropriate, others disagree.

Leaving a tip, also known as gratuity may be different upon each person, their experience and also where they live or visit.

More than ever, people are questioning the tipping culture in the US while others agree that it makes sense to leave gratuity for a service.

For the most part, Hudson Valley residents can agree upon supporting our local businesses. However, when it comes to leaving a tip they could have different opinions about this specific topic.

How Much Do Hudson Valley Residents Leave As A Tip For Takeout?

A poll was taken on WRRV's social media accounts asking a question that received a lot of feedback.

"What’s proper tipping etiquette for take out? "

Facebook users and Hudson Valley residents were eager to share their idea of tipping etiquette for taking out options at establishments. There were over 28 comments in response to this question.

"It’s based upon service!"


"You’re getting takeout, not sitting down to be served. No tip for that."


"It's take out. If I tip at all, it's based on my experience when I walk in to pick it up & even then it's minimal. No one is bringing me water, checking on me - how is everything, clearing the table of clutter. We all work super hard for what we have."

Hudson Valley residents and Facebook users continued to share their thoughts on tipping when picking up take out food.

"I always tip. Someone is making that food and packaging it and most likely not being paid much."


"Here's my opinion on the matter, whether it's take out or table service: EVERYONE starts at $0. Their tip is determined by their service, and their attitude, and will go up, or down, determined by those factors. They either get a nice tip, or a nice note saying maybe this job isn't for them."


"10%. Someone takes the time to take your order, package it and take your payment. It was your choice to not dine in, saving you money on beverages and that other 10% of the tip."

Facebook users and Hudson Valley residents also shared that some of them tip 15% on take out orders, while others claim that they leave anywhere from $2-$5 per order.

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How Much Should Hudson Valley Residents Actually Leave As A Tip?


Yahoo Finance shared information about leaving a tip when picking up take out food. They claimed,

"The Post Institute says no tip is required if you walk into the establishment to grab your order, but that you should tip 10% if your food is brought out to you. " 

Yahoo Finance shared a statement from Maryanne Parker who is the founder of Manor of Manners. 

Parker shared that she recommends leaving a tip anywhere from 25% to 30%. She continued to explain,

“Tipping is based on respect, gratitude and social circumstances".

USA Today shared different options of people they asked about tipping etiquette on take out orders. They shared that some guests claim that leaving a tip on take out order is "the right thing to do". 

Others also shared that tipping 15% and higher in a restaurant is a good idea. USA Today also shared additional people's opinions that stated they don't tip on take out.

What States In The U.S. Leave The Best And Worst Gratuity?


CNBC shared information behind the "most generous states when it comes to tipping, according to USA Today Blueprint and OnePoll."

California ranked #1 with Missouri as #2, Florida came in at #3 and Arizona ranked #4. A state on the East Coast came in at #5, Rhode Island.

The information provided by USA Today Blueprint and OnePoll also shared US states that tip the least.

Illinois ranked #1 with Mississippi as #2, South Carolina came in at #3 and New Mexico ranked #4. New York was not mentioned on either lists of most generous states or those who leave the least amount of tips.

How much tip do you leave on take out orders here in the Hudson Valley? Does the tipping amount change upon the quality of service you receive? Share more with us below.

Here Are The 8 Best Things About Stewart's Shops According To The Hudson Valley

Everyone has a place that they enjoy visiting which makes them feel comfortable and like home. To me, Stewart's Shops has always brought those good feelings and excitement to visit. 

A poll was taken on WRRV's Facebook asking,
"What’s the #1 reason why you love Stewart’s? "

With over 40 comments on social media, Facebook users and Hudson Valley residents were eager to share their love for local Stewart's Shops.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Facebook, Stewart's Shops

How You Can Own A Former Favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant

Brother Bruno's was located on 17B in Monticello/Bethel, NY. Known for its Italian cuisine, this local business had a large menu with something for everyone to choose from. Their drink menu, holiday meal specials and signature pizza brought in foodies throughout New York state and more.

Hudson Valley residents were shocked to see a post on social media from Brother Bruno's, announcing that they closed their doors after many years.

Brother Bruno's has been permanently closed since September 2023.

The Community Was Sad To See This Family Favorite Restaurant Officially Close

Not only did Brother Bruno's officially close in Monticello/ Bethel NY, but it is now for sale. Information has been provided by Keller Williams Hudson Valley and Coldwell Banker Realty. 

Brother Bruno's located on Route 17 B in the Town of Bethel, NY is for sale. This is in the Mongaup Valley area within Sullivan County, NY. They shared, 

"High traffic location with 13,800+ cars per day, on average. 4 miles from Route 17 / Future I-86 and minutes from Bethel Woods Center for Performing Arts. 2 dining rooms to allow for ample seating and private parties or events."

"This location also boasts a full service 15+ seating bar area, outdoor seating / patio area overlooking the Mongaup River providing iconic water views. "

Outside, there is a storage building which is located behind the main building.

How Much Would It Cost To Purchase This Restaurant In Sullivan County, NY?

Keller Williams Hudson Valley and Coldwell Banker Realty shared additional information about this location.

To purchase the former Brother Bruno's in Monticello/ Bethel, NY it would cost $749,900. The taxes are $15,767 and the business type is listed as retail.

However, updates were made to the entranceway and bathrooms in 2018. The wood fired pizza oven and dining rooms were also updated in 2010.

Gallery Credit: Keller Williams Hudson Valley, Coldwell Banker Realty

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