The Hudson Valley is an area where locals continue to find hidden gems.

Those who enjoy being outdoors and nature enthusiasts can explore all of the trails, spot rolling green hills and beautiful waterfalls as well.

Countless trails including hiking, biking, walking and more exist throughout the Hudson Valley. Whether it's an early morning stroll or a sunset view, there's beauty to capture throughout each county.

Where Are Your Favorite Nature Walks In The Hudson Valley?


I have several nature walks that I love exploring in the Hudson Valley.

In Ulster County, NY I love visiting the Ashokan Reservoir. There is a beautiful, panoramic view of the mountains and water along with the greenery and all of the scenery and sunshine that surrounds it.

I have gone to The Ashokan Reservoir in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Each season is breathtaking and truly an incredible experience.

Have You Ever Been To The Ashokan Reservoir In Ulster County, NY Before?


According to the Department of Environmental Conservation,

The Ashokan Reservoir was created in the early 1900's and today, it's an 8,315 acre reservoir.IIt was fascinating to learn that the Ashokan Reservoir is,

"a major component of the Catskill System of the New York City Water supply."

The Department of Environmental Conservation continued to share that there are two basins of the Ashokan Reservoir which divides the lower east and upper west basins

Along with views in Ulster County, NY I also enjoy spending timeIn Dutchess County, while visiting Innisfree Garden.

Have You Visited Innisfree Garden In Dutchess County, NY?

I came across one of the "World's Best Gardens" in the Hudson Valley.

Innisfree Garden has "traditional Chinese and Japanese garden design principles." It's located on Tyrrel Lake in Millbrook, NY. The Innisfree Foundation is a nonprofit corporation. Its main goal is to preserve the heritage of these lush gardens

On site, I enjoyed beautiful views of the lake. I also came across small waterfalls that were misting, multiple small gardens, bridges, caves, and sculptures. They have a map that you can view online or take with you on the trails to explore every path.

This landmark is a part of the "National Register of Historic Places with exceptional significance". They take pride in welcoming everyone to a safe location to admire the beauty of the grounds while being in nature and observing art.

Visitors can bring food to set up for a picnic or simply enjoy the views at their own pace.

Here's One Of The Hudson Valley's Most Interesting Nature Walks To Explore

One of the Hudson Valley's most interesting walks is located in Ulster County, NY.

This Hudson Valley trail takes guests through a cornfield and provides a view of a mountain. On site, there are over 22 acres of nature beauty to view.

Where Is The Zena Cornfield In Ulster County, NY?

The Woodstock Land Conservancy is also known as WLC and they are Ulster County, NY residents that help protect 

"scenic landscapes from excessive development. "

The Woodstock Land Conservancy continues to share information.

The community came together to help raise money to purchase Zena Cornfield. With their efforts, they raised 160,000 to be able to purchase Zena Cornfield.

Zena Cornfield is 22 acres of beautiful and historic land that includes views of Overlook Mountain.

The Woodstock Land Conservancy continues to explain that the Zena Cornfield is located on Zena Road in Woodstock, NY and on Route 212. This walking path is mowed and is dog friendly.

Those who wish to visit Zena Cornfield can park on Gitnick Road but parking may be limited.

The Woodstock Land Conservancy also explained,

"Our Zena Nature Walk is a nice way to explore this scenic preserve, as well as learning more about the preserve from reading the brochure found at the kiosk."

On this walk, guests can take the trail through the hayfield. They also shared,

"The hayfield passes along the banks of the Fontyne Kill, a tributary stream to the Sawkill Creek."

Where's your favorite nature walk in the Hudson Valley? Have you ever been to the Zena Cornfield before? Share more with us below.

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