If you are like me and occasionally watch a few too many home improvement programs, then you will find yourself always trying to spruce up your home. Has that crossed into getting new paint for a room or many rooms? Have you attempted to paint the ceiling yet?

It has been a few years since I had the home renovation bug. To be clear the 'bug' for me usually doesn't involve being the one to actually tear down walls and build new pieces of furniture. I limit myself to repainting items and sewing new curtains. I made a trip to the home supply store, bought a gallon of paint to redo a wall in the house and was greatly surprised when I was suddenly paying more than the sticker price for the paint.

How much was the fee for buying paint in New York State?

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I am probably making it sound as if I had to pay an extra $20 for the gallon, and while it was no where near that much, it was just a big surprise that the fee was automatically added. Here is how much extra you will have to pay, and keep reading as to why we all have to pay this fee:

  • Half of a quart of paint to a full quart? You will have to pay $.45.
  • One gallon, up to two gallons of paint, you will need to pay $0.95
  • Two gallons up through 5 gallons of paint, you will need to pay $1.95.

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Why did I have to pay an extra paint fee in New York State?

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Why will everyone be paying this extra fee? The fee is so that everyone who wants to recycle their paint can do so. The fees collected when you purchase the paint go to the processing and recycling of the paints when you return them. Where can you recycle paint in New York State?

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