Great news for Hudson Valley travelers! One local airport is seeing the biggest price decline than any other airport in the United States.

A study released by NetCredit looked into where airfare has increased or decreased the most. Turns out, an airport from the Hudson Valley offers the best prices in the nation!

Westchester County Airport Leads Nation In Decreased Ticket Prices

Westchester County Airport

Ticket prices are down at Westchester County Airport. The NetCredit study shows that ticket prices at the White Plains airport have actually decreased the most in the country since the year 2022.

Airfare ticket prices have dropped by about 60 dollars at the Lower Hudson Valley airport.

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Ticket Prices Drop By nearly $60 At Westchester County Airport In White Plains, New York

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On average, travelers pay 58 dollars less than they would have two years ago, according to NetCredit.

"Westchester County Airport in New York is the airport where prices have fallen the most, decreasing by -$58.18 since 2022," NetCredit states about Westchester County Airport.

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Other Key Findings That New Yorkers Should Know

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NetCredit conducted a study based on Airline Weekly which recently reported Americans are more willing to pay more for a flight today as compared to 2019, just before the COVID pandemic.


"We analyzed data on average domestic fares from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and ranked states based on the average fare for all airports in each state. Then, we ranked them for affordability by comparing these prices to average local wages, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We also measured the change in average prices between 2022 and 2023," NetFare states.

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