Have you ever  watched one of those ghost shows? You know, the ones where a crew of paranormal experts enter a home, business or property to determine whether it's spooky encounters are real or imagined?

The Paramount+ television show Ghost Hunters spent some time at a 10,000 square foot manor here in New York where priests and nuns once lived. Some say, they never left. Is this former Catholic rectory haunted by a skeleton-faced lady and other spirits? We could have the answer as soon as Thursday May 25th.

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Ghost Hunters, available to stream on Discovery+, features renowned paranormal investigators Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, along with Shari DeBenedetti. This team was called to Ogdensburg, New York to see if the building currently known as, Clair House "A Haunted Bed & Breakfast" truly is haunted.

The “Diocese of the Dead”, season ending episode is scheduled to stream on Paramount+ and air on The Travel Channel on Thursday May 25th at 9pm.

YouTube.com- The Cultural Historian: Dr RGST
The Cultural Historian: Dr RGST

Nearly 140 years ago the Claire House structure was built and used as a place for priests to live. Over time the building was also used as a convent. orphanage and even a private home. Today Claire House employees and guests report encounters with the ghost of Bishop Conroy, a laughing mystery ghost and others.

Ghostly encounters at Claire House range from footsteps clacking up and down the halls at night to rattling door knobs and visions of a young girl. Are these real or imagined encounters?

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