As a group of UFO enthusiasts descended upon the offices of New York Senator Chuck Schumer this week, other residents continue to report strange phenomena over the state. Did this New York state resident from Lowville happen to witness the SpaceX Starlink satellites overhead?

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Or, was it a military flare, or maybe something much stranger?

Weird "String of Lights" Spotted Over New York State

A New York resident in their vehicle reported an alleged sighting of an unidentified flying object to the National UFO Reporting Center. The incident happened the evening of March 7, in the Lewis County town of Lowville, according to the report.

The entry describes the occurrence as "lights in a string very oddly lighting".

The witness' description of the event says that "the lights that appeared, and just as they came slowly in the frame, the lights went out I have seen star link and this was not that. I have also seen in person military exercises using flares at night and this was also not that."

The witness says the lights only lasted for less than a minute, and they did appear again afterward.


The lights in the video provided seem to travel upwards, and then quickly disappear from sight. This is opposed to Starlink, which appears as "small, fast-moving bright lights", as described by the BBC. Starlink also produces much longer strings of passing lights.

One possibility could be someone setting off flares, which some speculated was the cause of this report from October over Rockland County. 

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NUFORC does investigate what people saw to determine if they actually witnessed alien activity or something else. Oftentime, these reports turn out to be false flags. For example; someone from NYC reported seeing a strange, square-like object in the sky on July 22. They provided a photo to NUFORC, who then ruled the person saw an "advertising banner behind a private aircraft."

However, there have been several creepy reports that couldn't be brushed off with a logical explanation. And some of these reports had photo or video evidence attached.

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The term UFO, itself, could simply mean something else though. Many so-called sightings over the years have been revealed as military test craft, communication satellites, or even just a bright star in the night sky.

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But even the United States military is recognizing the issue now, in an effort to address "potential national security questions," They've even gone so far as to rename them 'Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena', according to CNBC. 

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