New York fans of McDonald's Shamrock Shake got an early surprise on Friday.

A local McDonald's decided to jump the gun and offer its customers an early taste of the restaurant's minty milkshake. Last year, McDonald's launched its St. Patrick's Day-themed dessert on February 20.

The Shamrock Shake first debuted in 1970 and, since then, has been a sign that Spring is around the corner. Made with vanilla ice cream and mint syrup, the shake has now been joined by McDonald's Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which adds crunch Oreo cookie crumbles to the famed shake.

Poughkeepsie McDonald's
A. Boris

Poughkeepsie McDonald's Offers Early Shamrock Shake

While the rest of the world patiently waits for the Shamrock Shake to drop, a Hudson Valley location quietly put the dessert on sale ahead of the rest of the country.

On Friday, the McDonald's location on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie celebrated Groundhog Day by posting an image of the Shamrock Shake on its Facebook page. A caption said "The Shamrock shake saw its shadow. Come grab one in Poughkeepsie."

In the name of journalism, this reporter drove to McDonald's and confirmed that it was, indeed, selling the legendary Shamrock Shake.

Poughkeepsie McDonald's
A. Boris

When Will the Rest of the Hudson Valley get to Purchase a Shamrock Shake?

While most other Hudson Valley restaurants have not yet released the Shamrock Shake, it appears that the dessert will make its debut soon.

Reports say that McDonald's has opted not to wait until the end of September to drop the Shamrock Shake. Instead, it appears that most locations will begin offering it on Monday, February 5.

While the Poughkeepsie store was able to jump the gun and give customers a minty taste of spring a few days early, it looks like it won't be long until everyone else can grab one too.

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