Oh, crap! In this case, literally. 

Police say a woman in New York state got into a verbal altercation at a person's apartment Tuesday. The alleged fight must have really gotten out of control, for authorities say there were quite a few contents of the apartment that were being thrown around in a fit of rage.

This is really not the way you want to spend the holidays.

New York State Woman Allegedly Tossed Cat S*** at Person 

Finger Lakes Daily News says that a 25-year-old woman from Clyde, NY allegedly got into an argument with the victim Tuesday. The suspect is accused of "engaging in a verbal domestic and was reportedly screaming and swearing", says the Daily News.

Police did not say what the altercation was all about, though they added that the suspect took out their anger by throwing cat feces, along with toilet paper, and a "number of different items throughout the home." Guess the toilet paper was there for the clean-up.

Police say the poop pitcher was arrested and charged with harassment and tampering.

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New York State Man Allegedly Threw Rock at Police Department 

WKTV says that a 43-year-old man riding a bicycle allegedly threw a rock through the front door window of the Rome Police Department. The alleged incident happened in October 2023, right after 8:30 AM.. WKTV says the man rode off on his bicycle after allegedly tossing the rock, with police hot in pursuit.

If this man wanted their attention, he sure got it. However, as police quickly caught up with the peddling suspect, things took a sudden turn.

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Police say the man swung at them with a pipe, in an attempt to "strike the officers". Rome Police said as a  struggle ensued to subdue the man, officers located an "unsheathed knife" in the suspect's pocket. As of yet, police have not released a motive for the incident.

The suspect was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest and menacing, according to police.

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