This hotel has been a staple in hospitality and is a favorite place to stay for New Yorkers.

There are a ton of beautiful places to stay across New York. Between hotels, bed and breakfasts, Airbnb options and more you really have your pick. One hotel in New York really stands out and many people from the state and other states really enjoy staying at it.

It might even be fair to say that it's the prettiest hotel in New York, so what hotel are we talking about?

Details on the Sagamore Resort in Lake George:

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

The Sagamore Hotel is in Lake George and it looks like something straight from a magazine. It's a very iconic place to stay when people go to Lake George and rumors have recently been swirling that an episode of the popular show 'Billions' was filmed there.

We can totally see why....

The Sagamore Resort also has a pretty high rating on Google, it has 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What are some of the reviews on the Sagamore Resort in Lake George?

"Without a doubt, the best hotel (resort) experience that I have ever had."- Martin


"Amazing location with unbeatable views."- Dana


"Great weekend. This resort has it all. The employees smiles were everywhere. To many positive things to post."- Joe


"Timeless, relaxing & lovely reviews."-Maureen


"This was one of the best vacations our family had in a long time. The pictures do not do this place justice; the hotel and lake are beautiful. The service was above and beyond. The valet staff, the waiters at the restaurants, housekeeping, the Morgan Crew, all were very friendly and eager to accommodate requests."- David


The reviews really speak for themselves with this one. If you want to go and check it out, the Sagamore Resort is located on 110 Sagamore Road in Bolton Landing, NY.

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