Police and rescue teams conducted a wilderness search after a young teen decided to run away into the woods.

On Sunday evening, police received a phone call to help locate a 13-year-old boy who had fled from his home. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the child jumped out of his bedroom window just around 5pm and headed towards the woods.

One can only imagine the horror a parent would feel after realizing that their child had leaped from a window and fled into the wilderness. With the sun setting and temperatures quickly falling, the teen could have been putting himself in a potentially dangerous situation.

It's unclear why the 13-year-old decided to run away, but law enforcement was called to help track him down. A forest ranger on patrol overhead radio chatter about the missing teen in the Town of Corinth near Saratoga and offered his tracking skills to help officers in their search.


The ranger, along with a deputy officer began to follow the 13-year-old's footprints in the snow. As they got deeper into the woods they made their way toward the Hudson River and then turned north towards Mllart Drive in Corinth. That's where the first responders discovered the boy attempting to hide underneath a pile of brush. The child was escorted back home and returned to his parents.

It's unknown why the young boy ran away and attempted to evade officers by hiding in the woods. Luckily, the tracking skills of the forest ranger were able to quickly locate the child and the entire incident was resolved within an hour.

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