This Dutchess County spot has to be the worst.

I'd like to think I'm a pretty nice and patient person, but sometimes when I'm driving I have my moments. Since I've moved to New York I've noticed that it seems to give people here some kind of thrill to closely pull out right in front of me to the point where I need to slow down, but then go super slow after all that chaos (I'm turning red just describing how much this angers me).

Driving can be tough around here because some of the roads are not in the best shape, more people are living here so it's more congested and people just don't know how to drive...even on the best of days.

I've commuted and driven a lot throughout the area so I've been thinking about areas I tend to avoid because of how bad the driving can be.

THIS has to be one of the worst road rage spots in the Hudson you agree?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

I'm sure you can already tell without me saying it.

My personal opinion is Route 9 in general (sorry but I feel like I'm in a Fast & Furious movie everytime I drive on it). Also the fact that I've been cut off numerous time and have people tailgate. It does seem to be even worse right near the Poughkeepsie Galleria and the movie theater, not sure if people are just in a huge hurry to get there shopping done.

I surely have dropped a few choice words while trying to get in and out of the mall and I'm not sorry for it.

A few other spots that stand out to me are trying to get on the Mid-Hudson Bridge, the traffic circle near John Jay High School, driving anywhere in Beacon and more.

GRRRRR...I try to tell myself to take a deep breathe and just let people do their thing.

Do you have " a spot" where you get the most road rage in the Hudson Valley? Share it with us on the station app:

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