The state continues to prepare for the total solar eclipse that will happen Monday, April 8. As thousands upon thousands of people head to western New York, where the path of totality will pass over, officials remind residents and visitors about a number of very practical matters.

Crowds Could Strain Resources 

State Police have already issued warnings about excessive congestion, which they say could create gridlock across the state's major roads and highways. The huge crowds could even strain resources, and lead to delayed response times for people in distress, and a spike in 911 calls, according to the Adirondack Explorer.

Eclipse Glasses 

Health officials also remind viewers not to directly look at the eclipse unless they're within the path of totality. With other areas outside the zone in New York experiencing coverage of at least 88%, experts say looking directly into a partial solar eclipse can cause damage or even destroy cells in the retina.

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This is why you can pick up your free solar eclipse glasses at various New York State Welcome Centers, Thruway Rest Stops, and many other businesses and locations throughout the state, according to Portal 311 NYC.

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But those eclipse sunglasses can cause their own issues - that is, if you're not using common sense, says the New York State Department of Transportation.

New York State DOT Says Don't Do This!

WNYT reports that the New York State Department of Transportation warns people not to wear their eclipse glasses while driving. This goes without saying, but the "safe eclipse glasses" use either an "aluminized polyester or a black polymer made of carbon particles that are suspended in resin", according to a 2023 AAS report.

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The NY DOT says the extra-dark shades block almost all visible light, making driving nearly impossible. It's all common sense, but that's never stopped anyone from doing something like this before.

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Updated Eclipse Times Across New York State

Top officials gave us the updated eclipse times in parts of New York State that will enjoy a total solar eclipse on April 8.

New York Towns with the Longest Eclipse Totality on April 8

Where you watch the eclipse on April 8 will matter in New York. Some cities and towns will only enjoy the fabled "ring of fire" effect for less than a minute while others will enjoy the spectacular display for nearly four minutes!

Here's 20 "Eclipse Cities" that have the longest totality duration.

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