Did you watch Episode 8 of "X-Men '97" this week? Episode 5 was absolutely heartbreaking, but Episode 8 was nightmare fuel! I certainly wouldn't want anything like that happening in real life! One thing though that is awesome that is coming to life is that you can actually stay a show-accurate X-Mansion in Westchester County, New York thanks to Airbnb!

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This X-Mansion isn't far from where the mansion in the show is supposed to be. The X-Mansion, in the show, is located near Salem Center in Westchester County. This recreation by Airbnb is located in New Castle, New York, only about 20 minutes away from it's fictional version.

Take a tour of the X-Mansion below, and maybe you'll be able to train with the X-Men real soon!

Have a totally ‘90s sleepover

Stay in one of our dorms, including my awesome bedroom.

Hang in our radical 2D world

Explore over 100 pieces of unique X-Men stuff in the mansion.

Try Cerebro on for size

Meet up in the War Room and let Cerebro help you find your mutant power.

Train in the Danger Room

Master your mutant abilities with expert instructors.

X-Mansion Brought to Life in Westchester County, New York

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

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So I got to nerd-out a little bit! I feel bad, I think I may have word-vommited a bit during this interview, my guest was a terrific guy and an amazing talent! I had the honor and pleasure of speaking with renowned voice actor JP Karliak, known recently for his roles as Morph in "X-Men '97" and as The Joker in the hit video game, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League." Though "X-Men '97" is an animated series, much of the action takes place here in the Hudson Valley! The X-Mansion is set right outside Salem Center in Westchester County, NY.

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JP Karliak, renowned voice actor, LGBTQIA+ community member and activist is taking on his biggest roles of his career bringing to life the first non-binary lead mutant, ‘Morph’ in the officially 98% Certified Fresh” Disney+/Marvel series “X-Men ‘97” streaming new episodes every Wednesday. Pulling in massive numbers as reported by Deadline, the series was greenlight for a season 2 and season 3 as announced in early April. On top of that, JP is also bringing to life the most iconic DC super villain, ‘The Joker,’ in the newly released expansion pack of DC’s “Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League.”

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