This particular New Paltz spot has received a decent amount of attention during the past year since they first opened their doors. Bringing a Latin Fusion spot to Main Street outside the village, a rebranding six months after opening, and now a listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Take a tour of a popular tourist destination that still manages to keep their small-town feel; this is New Paltz New York:

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Rubirosa, Now Ruby, Offers Something Different in New Paltz

Opening to stellar reviews in November of 2022, Rubirosa Restaurant was a welcome addition to the New Paltz community. Located in the TOPS Plaza on Main Street, away from the hustle and bustle of the village, Rubirosa provided a reasonably priced yet upscale feel with great food and cocktails. As someone who spends a great deal of time in this area, it was also a great place to meet with friends for Happy Hour and not be surrounded by students (no offense).

A jar with a yellow flower next to a cocktail, split screen with a photo of a restaurant with the name Rubirosa across it

About six months after their opening, Rubirosa announced they would be rebranding, officially changing their name to Ruby due to another restaurant in New York City with the name Rubirosa.

We've made this name change so that we can continue to build our own identity within the New Paltz community and surrounding areas. Shortly after our initial opening in November of 2022, we were made aware of another existing restaurant located in New York City by the same name and we didn't feel it was in anybody's best interests to continue to operate with this shared identity.

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Just next door to Rubirosa/Ruby, another New Paltz restaurant owner recently got into a bit of hot water.

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Ruby Restaurant Tops Plaza New Paltz Listed on Facebook Marketplace

Recently, during one of my daily Facebook Marketplace scrolls looking for nothing in particular, I came across a listing for a 'Restaurant for sale' and noticed photos that looked quite familiar.

Though not officially named in the post, the photos on the Marketplace listing are clearly of Ruby, with it's front bar:

interior of a restaurant with tables along the left and a bar on the right, TV screens above bar seating
Facebook Marketplace

Seating area in the back:

raised booth seating on the left, tables on the right hand side of a restaurant
Facebook Marketplace

And the soft seating tables along the left side of the restaurant:

soft seating with 3 tables, red napkins as the table settings
Facebook Marketplace

The listing, which was posted five weeks ago according to Facebook, indicates that the establishment is turn key with an asking price of $150,000, but also notes that the price is negotiable.

Outreach to Ruby for comment has not been responded to at this time.

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