No stranger to the Hudson Valley comedy scene, an extremely popular television-based comedian will once again bring his tour to the Hudson Valley. This time, instead of taking the stage in Ulster County, Pete Davidson will be bringing the laughs to the lower Hudson Valley for his 'Prehab' Tour.

Back in 2019, Davidson performed alongside John Mulaney at UPAC in Kingston, selling out the show so quickly that days after the announcement, organizers added a second show, with the duo taking the stage at 7pm and 10pm on the same night.

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Pete Davidson Returns To Hudson Valley...Again

Feels like just yesterday we informed you that comedian, actor, writer and producer Pete Davidson would be returning to the area for a comedy show at UPAC in Kingston, not his first time on that stage, but that show has come and gone so it seems timely that there's another local show to look forward to, this time at the Paramount in Peekskill.

Facebook/Paramount Hudson Valley
Facebook/Paramount Hudson Valley

Together with Sherman Productions Presents, the Paramount Hudson Valley will welcome Pete Davidson to town on August 17th.

Tickets are now on sale for the August event which is being marketed as a 'phone-free experience.'

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How Does 'Phone Free' Work at the Paramount Hudson Valley?

Much like the other recent Davidson shows, this event is a 'phone-free experience,'


This means that all attendees of the show, upon arrival to the Paramount in Peekskill, will be asked to secure 'all phones, smart watches and accessories' in something called a Yondr pouch. Everyone will keep their devices on them for the duration of the show, however, will be unable to physically access or use their devices. There will be designated 'phone use areas' within the venue for those needing access to their devices. The pouches will be opened at the conclusion of the event.

Inside Pete Davidson's $1.29m NY Apartment He Said Was "Disgusting"

Pete is famously very pro-Staten-Island while many in the City are in a rush to forget the place exists. I don’t think he’s lost touch with his roots, but I don’t blame him for wanting a new place now that he’s got all that sweet, sweet Taco Bell money.

The condominium is pretty new – built in 2015. The listing flaunts “unparalleled metropolitan views of New York City,” but I’m not seeing it. The photos make it look very close to the Staten Island Ferry terminal (or storage), so that’s either very convenient or very noisy. Here’s how I see it:

·      Ocean view balcony
·      Open floor plan
·      Natural light
·      Kim Kardashian definitely spent the night here at least once

·      Staten Island Ferry traffic
·      Absolutely ZERO character in the building
·      Could possibly need a deep-clean, per previous occupant

Take a look for yourself and judge: disgusting, bland, or a comedy gold-mine?

Gallery Credit: Cameron Coats

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