September is National Bacon Month, and boy, do the places on this list have way for you to celebrate! Wow!

These 14 entries showcase restaurants, events and items that we encourage you to explore as we celebrate our love for all things bacon this month. And the list if crazy.

Some favorites include  "Devil's on Horseback," a wildly named appetizer of bacon wrapped figs. You will also find on this list a 24-hour bacon vending machine in the Adirondacks (yes, you heard that right!). How about thick slabs of bacon dipped in dark chocolate? Yes, from one of the most legendary candy stores in Upstate New York.  Maple Bacon whiskey? Yes, and it comes from a distillery in the Finger Lakes.

But the best of them all, in my humble opinion, is the "Bacon Clothesline." I stumbled upon this looking at a menu in Upstate New York and I had to do a double-take. Then I saw the photograph. Amazing. And yes, it is literally a clothesline strung with juicy bacon served right at your table. Wait until you see that photograph. My mouth is already watering.

So go out and explore the wonders of bacon all over Upstate New York this month.  There will be time enough for everything pumpkin spice coming up soon, but for this month give me a bacon doughnut, a bacon dressed Bloody Mary, some bacon covered shrimp, and a bacon clothesline.

All of them are on this list!

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