New York State may be home to some of the busiest cities and towns in all of America. Did you know that we are also home to some of the best towns with under 10,000 residents?

Far and Wide recently published an article "Best U.S. Towns With Fewer Than 10,000 Residents." These are the small towns that are the backbone of America. Think of places where families can live and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. Almost like places that still may believe in the "don't have our doors locked" mindset. These are the towns you see in Hallmark movies. Of the 100 best in America, four are from right here in New York State. 3 of which are in the top 50:

90) Skaneateles, New York

With a population of over 7,100, Skaneateles made the list:

Central New York's Finger Lakes provide numerous ways to enjoy the water, not to mention the dozens of wineries that spread across the landscape. In Skaneateles, you'll find both, as well as a nice downtown with restaurants, places to stay and quaint shops."


40) Lake Placid, New York

Did you know the population of Lake Placid is only a little over 2,000 residents? The home of the miracle on ice, only has 2,000 people who call it home:

This town in the Adirondacks was put on the world map when it hosted the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.  There are also numerous spas where you can relax and recover from the day’s activities and get away from the cold for a bit. Not a fan of snow? Come in any other season and you won’t be disappointed. Fall, when the mountains are set ablaze in reds, yellows and oranges, is especially lovely."


36) Cooperstown, New York

Talk about a homerun of a town with only around 1,700 residents:

Set between forested hills and the clear Otsego Lake, Cooperstown is an unassuming little town in upstate New York. Its biggest draw is the Baseball Hall of Fame, but there is also the Fenimore Art Museum, which proudly displays its American Indian art collection."


11) Ellicottville, New York

If you're like this author, you may have absolutely no idea where in the state this town is located. It only has around 400 residents, and it's in Western New York:

Don’t expect days full of doing nothing, though, as the two state forests and mountains that surround this town invite outdoor adventure. You can visit Allegheny National Forest to catch vibrant fall colors, take up skiing in the winter, hike numerous paths in the spring, and play at the summer adventure park when the weather is hot."


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