Jason Aldean shares his country lifestyle with his two young children in the new music video for his song "Let Your Boys Be Country."

The track — off his newly-released Highway Desperado album — advocates for letting rural kids live lives that are as carefree as possible. Boys growing up should be able to blow off steam with their friends, get a summer job on a farm and learn to take pride in the small-town communities that they call home, the song says.

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Aldean's personal connection to the song is self-apparent: He's a dad to a young son named Memphis, who will turn six years old in December. Memphis co-stars in the music video for "Let Your Boys Be Country," in a hunting-focused clip that finds the father-and-son duo painting camo green on his faces before they head out into the woods for a hunting trip.

Memphis isn't the only family member to make an appearance in the video. Though the title of Aldean's song may put a focus on sons, his girls got in on the fun, too: The singer's wife Brittany and their 4-year-old daughter Navy also made appearances in the video.

Brittany and Navy feed goats together and pose with the boys for a family photograph toward the end of the clip.

Aldean wasn't the pen behind "Let Your Boys Be Country" — it's a co-write between Allison Veltz, Jaron Boyer and Micah Wilshire — but he says that it was natural for him to apply its sentiment to his own relationship with his son.

"I got a five-year-old little boy who's growing up in a crazy world right now," Aldean told Taste of Country earlier this month. "It's like, 'Man, just let 'em be kids. Let them be little. Let them go play and do all the things they're supposed to do and figure things out for themselves."

He added that the song also made him think about his role as a dad, and the lessons he wants to instill in his son as Memphis grows up.

"Little boys grow up to be men that are supposed to get married and take care of their family and be providers," Aldean reflects. "As parents, you gotta raise 'em to be that. To me, it was a song that hit home when it comes to thinking about him being little and what's in store for him later."

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