Whether you think it is to soon or not Christmas decorating is right around the corner. Hopefully, last year when you packed everything up you took the time to put things away carefully. This would not be the year to discover that the Christmas ornament and lights are ruined. Although the way 2020 has gone it might be par for the course.

I am hoping when you get to the tub or box that you put everything in last January yo will  discover that all you decorations are in order and critter free. One of the biggest disappoints I ever had was the year I discovered that the roof in my garage had leaked and my outdoor lights were actually floating in the tub I had stored them in for safe keeping.

No matter what you discover when you digging out the decorations for the holidays this year keep two things in mind, Lowes has more lights and buying new ornaments will make new memories. You will probably also want to remember a few things for when you are packing up Christmas 2020. It could save you time when you are decorating for Christmas 2021 which will hopefully be the one where we get to go to Christmas parties again.

So what are the best ways to store Christmas ornaments and lights? I am not an expert but I have been given some very good advice over the years.

1 - Never store your Christmas ornament in a box that mice can chew through or you may discover that your favorites have become a mouse condo.

2 - If you plan to wrap up delicate ornaments be sure to put them in tissue paper not newspaper. The ink can rub off and ruin the ornament.

3 - If you are putting away Christmas lights don't wind them up in a ball. You would think that would make them easy to unwind but it actually can damage the lights.

4 - Keep the inside ornaments somewhere inside, the basement or the attic. Keep the outside decorations outside, in the garage or a storage shed.

Here to you channeling your inner Clark Griswold as you get ready to decorate for Christmas 2020.

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