If you talk to most people in New York this week they will agree that we have arrived at "Sweater Weather". The inland North East is a place where wearing a sweater isn't really a year round thing. However, if you spend time on the coastal North East you will hear lots of folks say "you should bring a light sweater for the evening" even in July and August. This is not the case in the Hudson Valley. We must wait patiently for the weather to break at some point in August so we can go back to wearing a sweater.

So what is sweater weather? Well in turns out it is the name of a song by an indie rock band name the Neighbourhood, but it is also the time of year after a long hot summer we can finally enjoy cooler temperatures which require us to locate a sweater to fight off a welcome chill. Typically most people consider sweater weather when the temperatures is in the mid 60's. According to Weather.com most people in the USA consider 60 degrees the sweater weather temperature.

Don't forget if you need a sweat your dog probably needs one too.

A great annual event if you want to think about getting into sweater making is October 21st and 22nd. It is a weekend full of all things wool at the Dutchess County Fair grounds in Rhinebeck. It is the annual Sheep and Wool Festival a must attend for sweater enthusiast.

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