Just when it seemed that the super hot days of summer might be gone, today hits.

Weather forecasts say mid to upper 90's for the next few days.  I love it.  The hotter the better.  Taking in the sunshine, wearing flip flops and shorts, sweating of some extra pounds and of course, Ice Cream.  Lots and lots of Ice Cream.

Today, August 19th is National Soft Ice Cream Day.

Whether it be Alleyway Ice Cream, Rita's, Frozen Caboose or Su'gar, get some soft ice cream today.

I'm more of a Vanilla with chocolate sprinkles or a twist person, my wife always picks chocolate and baby girl always gets vanilla because, well, she's 1 and can't have chocolate yet.

I get mine in a cup because I feel like I'm getting more and my wife always chooses a cone.

If I can make one suggestion though?  It's hot, get extra napkins, wear and old shirt or eat it in the AC because it'll melt really quick.

Enjoy today.  Get some sunshine and take in the heat and eat some soft serve ice cream today!   Well, everyday.


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