In case you missed it this week the color company Pantone released their color for 2017. This is the part where you are allowed to say "what?" Yes, their is a company named Pantone and every year for the past 16 years, since 2000, they have released a color of the year. Last year there were actually two colors. Pantone started out as a commercial printing company in the 1950 and later developed the Pantone Color Matching System. A way of unifying colors for manufacturing. And it as all lead to this Color of the Year honor.

So what is the Color of The Year? It is a color that has been selected at a private top secret meeting which is then voted on and once selected this color drives fashion and design for the upcoming year.

So prepare to see a lot of "Greenery" that is the name of this year's Pantone color. Side bar - I really like it. Even Forbes has run a story on this 2017 color that was reportedly inspired by nature.


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