With all of the recent ugliness, the nicest way I could word it, of some of our sports stars actions recently it is good to remember that not all sports stars act this way.

In fact, one in particular, Derek Jeter, has played his entire career in a town where if someone wants to find dirt on you they will and they'll sometimes even make it up to sell papers or get new followers on their blog. He's not a tabloid mainstay, he's not out making a spectacle of himself, or hurting other people. In fact, he spends much of time helping others through his foundation Turn 2 as well as other charities.

That's why I love this ad from Gatorade. As we celebrate his career and the fact that he's a good guy, this is perfect. Be ready to tear up a little especially when you see the look on the little guys' faces when they realize they can get Derek's autograph.

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