I was raised a Yankee fan. It's in my blood. I grew up watching Derek Jeter play and obviously having an enormous crush on him. Besides his, very, good looks Derek Jeter was a perfect idol for any kid growing up playing sports. Every week he was displaying another amazing act of athleticism while playing his hardest on the diamond.

This week Jeter is participating in yet another All-Star Weekend.  Jordan, a company that he has been working with for what feels like forever, released an All-Star Ad paying Jeter the respect he deserves. As I said before, I grew up watching Derek. Watching this video put into perspective how Jeter is respected in the sports world. Take a look at the video below and see why I might have had some tears in my eyes when I watched:


There are two huge Derek Jeter moments that stick out in my mind, one being the amazing in-the-stands catch during a game against the Red Sox and then his 600th home run. The Yankees played the Blue Jays that July in 2011 and it also happened to be my graduation party from college. I went to school in Boston so I had a lot of Sox fans at my house when he crushed that pitch out to the bleachers. They we're just as excited. Although, I'm sure they would NEVER admit it.

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