I'm dreaming of fair food from the Dutchess County Fair.

With New York officially reopening and heading into phase one all I can think about is fair season. I'm hoping that all our local Hudson Valley fairs will be able to open up this summer and give us something to look forward to towards the end of summer.

Over the weekend, while stuck inside during Saturday's rain, I was scrolling through Tik Tok (my new favorite mindless activity) and came across the account of the Food Editor for People Magazine. His name is Shay Spence and his account is filled with videos of him trying foods from all over, but with a focus on amusement parks like Disney and Universal Studios.

Spence has also made some stops at fairs across the US. Including the world-famous, Dutchess County Fair.

We've all had our fair share of interesting fried snacks at the fair, but Spence created a list of the "5 Grossest Things" he's eaten at Theme Parks and Fairs. Two of the snacks are from New York and one right there in the Hudson Valley.

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Here's the list:

5) Watermelon Lime Beignets at Disneyland. The combination alone sounds disgusting, but Spence said that they "Tasted like Jolly Ranchers covered in Lysol."

4) Deep Friend Guacamole at State Fair of Texas. I can only imagine the texture being icky, but after Spence called it a "hot blob of avocado soaked in dirty frier oil" really makes me feel sick.

3) Oreo Churros at Coney Island. According to Spence they taste like they've been sitting out for three days. Crunchy.

2) Fruity Pebbles Bacon on a Stick at The Dutchess County Fair. Spence said the Marshmellow fluff, white chocolate, bacon and Fruity Pebbles are the "worst combination of flavors of all time."

1) Bubble Gum Marshmellow Fudge at Playland in Vancouver. "Truly, absolutely vial."- Shay Spence.

Have you tried the Fruity Pebbles Bacon on a Stick at the Dutchess County Fair?

Gross or not, at this point I would do anything to just be able to step foot in The Dutchess County Fair this summer.


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