With Thanksgiving less than a week away, the people behind the scenes at the radio station have decided to throw a "Thanksgiving Potluck" party and I'm confused if I brought what I was signed up for.

Just like many places of businesses in the Hudson Valley, the fine folks here at Townsquare Media Hudson Valley announced a few weeks ago that this year we are all going to celebrate Thanksgiving together with a company-wide potluck party.

What's a PotLuck Party?

It's one of the most basic types of parties one can throw, and is supposed to be really easy to execute. It works like this, organizers make a list of things that are needed for the party and everyone that's invited is asked to pick an item off the list and bring that item to the party. My fellow coworkers posted the list a few weeks ago and after just about everyone signed up for something (I forgot) they sent out a last-minute reminder that if you haven't signed up for anything they are still in need of a couple of things.


Cheese Board?

When I looked at the list the only thing left to get was a cheese board, so I signed up for it. My thought was I would go to the grocery store and buy one quickly and bring it in on Friday. Here's where my issues started! I went into the ShopRite in Fishkill thinking that it would be easy to find one and after looking around for a bit, the only thing I could find was the platter pictured above. So I grabbed it, checked out, and went on with my day. DONE!

Fast forward to Friday, I bring what I bought into work, and as I was putting it in the refrigerator here at the radio station a fellow coworker asked what it was. I showed her and said it was my cheese board for the party. As she looked at it, she said that isn't a cheese board it was a Charcuterie board. WHAT? Isn't that the same thing? Nope, she went on to explain that a cheese board doesn't have meats, just cheese!

Ok, she splitting hairs here right? It has cheese along with a variety of other things. I'm gonna call it a cheese board on STERIODS!! What do you think is this a cheese board or not? I think I'm just gonna take it home...LOL! Call or text us through the Wolf Country app.

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