Do you believe in the three theory?

I have never been a big believer of the saying that things happen in sets of three. You've probably heard it before, sometimes with good things but most times when I have heard it in the past is usually around the time of someone passing away or something bad happening in someone's life.

My disbelief in the theory of three might be why it smacked me in the face yesterday when three things from the bad side of my world happened.

It all started Wednesday morning when I came in to do our radio show the day after I opened my big fat mouth saying that there was no way I would lose our weekly singing competition game Top 2 Tuesday. I was so confident that I would win that I said if I lost I would let Jess shave my head. Well I lost and had to pay up yesterday. So that was one.

The second thing that happened was in the earlier afternoon yesterday as I was sitting on my couch watching The King of Queens, I started to doze off and that's when I almost had a heart attack. I left my back door open a bit when I got home because it was nice out and while I was on the couch, I heard someone knock on the door as they came in. A woman came in saying "Hey Mom i'm here"....I sat up and was like "UMMM What?". The lady proceeded to go into my kitchen when she finally realized that she was in the wrong apartment and scampered out the back door. I just stood there in shock. I actually said to myself, "Did that just happen"? Yup it did and I still have no idea who the lady was...LOL!

The third thing really hurt. I was taking my friend Allison's dog for a walk yesterday and he was on one of those retractable leashes. I took the leash and put it in between my elbow and the side of my stomach because I was using hand sanitizer and didn't want him to run away so as I rubbed my hands together he started to run which made the leash unwind and it started to burn through my skin. Here is the end result....


I am now a believer of things happen in three's...are you? Has three things like this ever happened to you? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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