Would it make you mad ladies if your man left the house without cleaning off your car?

It's been a few days of nothing but snow all across the Hudson Valley and by know you're probably sick and tired of anything snow related. From shoveling, to cleaning off your cars, enough is enough already. Not to pile on but how mad would you be if this happened to you?

We got a text from Kayla yesterday that we had to ask you guys about. She texted us, "Guys, I can't believe this just happened, but my guy left for work before me today and he didn't clean the snow off of my car before he left. UNREAL! I'm beyond MAD! What kinda guy does that? Am I being petty that he didn't clean it off? I don't want to act like a princess but C'MON!"

One thing I know that in my life if it's possible for me to clean off my "persons" car when I leave in the morning I do it. I look at it like a part of, chivalry NOT being dead!..LOL! Now if Kayla's guy was running late for work and didn't have time to clean it off, I totally understand, but I think next time something like that happens he needs to send a quick text to let her know that he couldn't do it.

We got a ton of text messages that brought up some great points including Casey Lynn who asked, "Here’s a question, if you were leaving before him would you have cleaned his vehicle off for him? I hope so. It’s 2021 people, are we still talking about gender roles?"

Becky texted, "Did she have to go to work as well? If she didn't maybe he thought she had more time than he did to clean the car off. I would also like to know how old he is. The younger generation doesn't seem to know about chivalry." Speaking of chivalry, Darlene from Rhinebeck texted us, "I have to say I have the best husband. He wouldn’t leave without clearing off the snow."

John jumped in and texted his solution to the problem, "if she’s really that mad that her boyfriend didn’t clean the car, just put a lock on the money maker for now, I mean they do have a monopoly on it." HMMM? What do you think? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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