A mom needs some guidance, can you help?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we try to get together and help out a fellow Wolf listener with something they are dealing with what we call, "We Gotcha Wednesday."

Every week we do what we can to pass along advice to help someone get through whatever they're going through. Most weeks when we try to help, you guys step up and always give some of the best advice and today, if you're a parent, you can definitely help this struggling mommy.

Mom wrote us,

"At what age is it appropriate to leave your kids at home, alone for the first time..I’m a working mom and with school starting back up and me having to go into work certain days during the week for a few hours, this is a question I've been struggling with. I have been debating it out with with my ex husband. Our son is 8. I know he is not old enough yet, but i want to know an age?! 10, 12? 14? Life would be so much easier for me and him if I could leave him for a bit while I run into the office while hes online doing school. Is there an appropriate age?"

Is there a specific age? Both Jess and I agree that every kid is different and as a parent I think that only person that can really answer that question is YOU, right? As a dad with two under 18 year old kids I won't leave my kids home alone together. I can leave my 14 year old for a bit but not my 9 year old. I will never leave them together because they will wind up fighting over something which will cause HUGE problems...LOL.

Any advice for mom? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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