It happened in Newburgh, and one woman is warning others to beware!

Over the years we've all heard of numerous ways that predators try to bring us harm and every once and awhile I come across something that I've never heard of. When that happens, I do what I can to get the word out so that nobody becomes a victim.

A woman posted on Facebook that she was at her gym in Newburgh around 9 a.m. the other day, and after she completed her workout she went out to her car and noticed that someone left a dollar bill stuffed in her car bumper. She posted, "Today I went to the gym in Newburgh around 9AM and came out to find a dollar bill stuffed in a crack in my bumper."

If this happened to me I think I would react the same way a lot of others would and reach down to grab the dollar. That's exactly what you shouldn't do! She went on to explain in her post that, "I quickly remembered reading a Facebook post years ago about this. It’s a distraction technique used by people to either steal your car or human trafficking!" I guess people looking to bring harm your way expect a person to bend down and reach for the bill, and when they do the criminals step in and either steal your keys or worse.

The woman who posted this on Facebook did say that she ignored the dollar bill and quickly got into her car, locked the doors and quickly drove away. She went on to say that she posted this because, "You never think that this could happen to you until it does. Please feel free to share this it could save someone’s life."

Over the years there have been many of these type of "tricks" that have been proven to be myths. For example, a while back there was a rumor about $100 bills that were being left on cars in Boston, with a foreign substance on it. Reportedly anyone who touched the bills would be left unable to move. That was proven to be false, so just like most things, we highlight things like this because we can never be too careful.

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