Warmer weather has us all heading out for outdoor adventure fun in the Hudson Valley. I have never personally try this but I know a lot of people who love to Kayak. I had an artist friend who would kayak out of the Rondout in Kingston tell me that you get the best perspective of the shore when you are at water level.

I think that would be the fun part of kayaking, being right there on the surface of the water. However, if I were out on the Hudson River I think the big boats would seem a little to large from that level. If I kayaked, I would want to head down a creek or a winding water way that would take me past places you might not be able to actually get to by land.

The Black Creek in Ulster County has me curious as to where the water would take you. I don't know if you can actually traverse the length of Black Creek. I have seen where it pops up in Highland near Route 299. And I believe it meanders through backyards and various kills and makes it's way to Esopus then to the Hudson River. I image it is quite a scenic trip through the woods.

The Northeast Outdoor Sports Show is May 20 and 21 and I bet this is where I will be able to find out more about Hudson Valley kayaking. As a matter of fact, I bet we will all be able to find out a lot about all kinds of outdoor sports in the Hudson Valley. Make a plan to be there next month at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds.

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