My wife and I were in Scranton for the Easter holiday and my mother-in-law offered to watch the baby so we could go to the casino there and see a band, have a few drinks and play a little. Pretty nice, chill night that wasn't going to last very long... until some road rage, a gun and a parking space changed it all.

We had arrived at the casino about 9:30pm and we see someone backing out of their parking space so I put my blinker on and patiently wait. As we are waiting, I see an SUV pull up behind the person leaving and I think, "oh, this is gunna be like the Blake Shelton song, Some Beach" but I'm able to make the wide swing and park in the space. 

I need to back up and straighten the car when there is someone at my window screaming. I look and it's the guy that was driving the car that had just pulled up and he was holding a gun. I didn't immediately realize it was a gun because I mean, who would do that?  I rolled the window down and said "man, I had my blinker on.  I was waiting for that spot way longer than you" and as he screams at me again and gets closer to the window, I realize he has a pistol. He sees my wife, which I think is what changed his mind and he leaves in a hurry.

He proceeds to another parking space and, as we are walking toward the casino, my wife turns around and he's following us, still carrying his gun and smiling very creepily. Something spooked him because he immediately turned around. Fast forward about 10 minutes and we are talking to security and he comes walking in, sees who we are talking to and runs into the bathroom to ditch the gun.

First of all, guns in casinos are HIGHLY illegal and after speaking to police, he didn't have a conceal and carry permit and lied about most of the situation.

No more. We're done. Not that we won't go for a few drinks or to see live music but we're staying put and heading to Resorts.

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