When it comes to cooking, just boiling water is an accomplishment for me. It's safe to say I am absolutely HORRIBLE at it. It's a well-known fact amongst my family and when I babysit my cousins they pretty much beg me to go nowhere near the stove and to order them a pizza.

This Saturday, all day I was craving a grilled cheese sandwich. Right when I got I home I figured why not I'll make one, there is no way I can mess this up (boy was I wrong).

I buttered both sides of the bread, put the cheese on, heated up the stove, and was all ready to go (sounds really easy I know, but when you can't cook even this is big task). I started watching it cook, took a few seconds to look at my phone and that's when things went seriously wrong.

I started to smell that smell anyone in the kitchen fears; somethings burning. I flipped the grilled cheese and I kid you not, it looked like a dragon breathed fire on it.

Since I was already involved, I figured wait a few more seconds and maybe the other side won't be so bad? Wrong again, the other side was equally as torched.

To make matters worse, it was the last of bread. Thankfully some bagel bites came in the clutch and I was able to still have a delicious dinner.

After all this, I realized it's time to really become an adult and at least be able to make something without the potential of the fire department having to come by the house.

I asked a few people around the station for their tips and secrets to a perfect grilled cheese, heres what they came up with:

1) Use a cast iron skillet to cook it

2) Make sure both sides of the bread are buttered

3) Use Mayo

4) Toast the bread in the toaster and then put the sandwich in the microwave to melt the cheese

5) Keep an eye on the stove temperature

6) Learn how to cook......

Drop a comment below if you have a tip for the perfect grilled cheese or recommend a cooking class around here.

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