I have always believed that people who take time to care for animals have the biggest hearts. Local humane societies dedicate so much of their time to help out animals all over. 

I was happy to find out that a no kill shelter in the Hudson Valley had rescued animals that were in the path of Hurricane Ida. Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary located in Middletown truly saved the day.

Pets Alive is known for their exceptional care towards the shelter pets, helping with adoption, education to community and owners for animals and intervention when needed.

They worked with Best Friends Animal Society and the Humane Society of Louisiana to safely relocate animals who needed shelter during the hurricane.

I remember Pets Alive giving shelter to homeless animals during other storms such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Harvey.

With the help from these organizations, 60 dogs and cats were safely transferred to the Hudson Valley. Once the animals arrive, they go through a process to check out all of their needs. Pets Alive will make sure that they have been neutered or spayed, have certain vaccines and lastly, are microchipped. The next step would be to find them fur-ever homes.

Pets Alive is accepting donations for the care of helping the animals who were rescued from Hurricane Ida. 

You can find out more about making a donation here.

If you are interested in adopting one of the rescued fur babies, be sure to click the link here.

I'm thankful for the warmhearted people in this world that help save animals. May we continue to spread kindness, love and compassion for every living thing on this Earth.

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