I am heading to the beach for a few days and I plan to do my annual beach combing. Shells, sea glass and other goodies await as I walk the beaches that I have enjoyed since I was small. My grandfather was the first person to teach me that you can find treasure on the beach. He would take us on walks and point out everything the ocean had washed up the night before.

Growing up in the northeast my experience tends to be with the North Atlantic. I once lived in Hawaii and that definitely gave me a different look at shell collecting on the beach. The Pacific Ocean it amazing. The volcanic shores of Hawaii are much different than the sandy shores of Cape Cod. I have to say though, that as awesome as it was to beach comb in out 50th state nothing beats beach combing the beaches of Nantucket.

I am sure I will find shells and other marine life but I am hoping to pick up a few pieces of beach glass on this trip. It is getting harder to find in the Northeast since plastic took the place of glass. Beach litter use to turn in to beach treasure. Not so much any more. I'll let you know what I find.



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