She is fighting the bill for courses she never took.

Her name is Kachina McCarty and her and her husband Jason who is a West Point graduate stationed in Texas, are both from Monore, according to the Times Herald Record.

Jason was scheduled for deployment to Afghanistan and while he was going to be deployed, Kachina was going to come back to Monore and stay in the Hudson Valley until her husband returned.

While in the area she decided that she was going to sign up to take some classes at SUNY Orange.

According to the article, she signed up and paid her registration fee for her classes only to find out that the she wasn't going to be able to receive the military discount towards tuition and was going to be charged out of state tuition, according to the Times-Herald Record.

Once she was told all of this, she told her counselor she couldn't afford it.

Her husband Jason's deployment was changed and he didn't deploy to Afghanistan so Kachina returned to Texas. She later received a letter saying she owed SUNY Orange $5,000 because she didn't notify the school in writing that she wouldn't be attending, the Times Herald Record reports.

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