During the COVID-19 crisis, one Hudson Valley community is not only battling against a virus, but also their third fatberg since March.

For those who are unaware, a fatberg is a collection of solids (like fat, human waste and other gross stuff) that clogs up the sewer system like a giant iceberg. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, people are using an extraordinary amount of disinfectant wipes and paper towels. Many of these are making their way into the municipal sewer, causing clogs and breaks.

The Village of New Paltz is battling its third fatberg related incident since the beginning of the pandemic. In a section of pipe located under the road near the Rail Trail and Main Street, a clump of wipes and paper towels were found blocking the sewer main earlier this month. New Paltz mayor, Tim Rogers said a temporary line and pump was installed "to stop the poop and pee from flowing directly into the Wallkill River" before the broken sewer pipe could be replaced.

Rogers wants residents to know how important it is to stop flushing wipes and towels, so he's resorted to being brutally honest.

Only flush the four ‘Ps’ — poop, pee, paper, and puke.

That's the official word from the mayor, who shared a video from the NYC Water Department called "Trash It, Don't Flush It." Rogers added that residents should "always toss paper towels, dental floss, tampons, sanitary pads, condoms, and all wipes (baby, makeup, and cleaning) even if they’re labeled flushable in the trash."

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