A Hudson Valley school's sudden and unexpected closure is leaving many without jobs.

A letter to families stated John A. Coleman Catholic will complete its mission on August 30. Officials said despite their best efforts, enrollment decreased making the school no longer sustainable.

The Ulster County school's closure was unexpected, leaving nine full-time teachers, four part-time teachers and three staff members unemployed, according to a GoFundMe.

"The closure was announced to employees via e-mail. Teachers and staff have essentially been given two weeks notice," the GoFundMe says.

The GoFundMe claims the school board held a meeting in June, with school staff, parents and others, which resulted in a vote to keep the school open another year.

"It is no secret that Coleman ran on a razor thin budget in order to make it accessible to as many students as possible. Unfortunately, this resulted in lower salaries for those who made our school so special. This makes those who have been laid off even more vulnerable as it has been more difficult for them to save money," the GoFundMe said.

Money raised from the GoFundMe will go to the laid-off school staff to help pay their mortgages, car payments, utilities, children-care and other expenses.

"We have all been shaped by at least one teacher (and probably many more). It is our turn to pay back our teachers for all they have done for us," the GoFundMe says.

As of this writing, over $6,000 has been raised. You can donate by CLICKING HERE.

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