This is not the proper way to dispose of an old American flag.

The worn out flag was spotted sticking out of a local garbage can that was out on the curb, ready to be picked up on trash day. As most people know, this is not how you're supposed to get rid of the stars and stripes.

The respectful way to dispose of an American Flag is to have it burned during an official ceremony. That may not be realistic for many people to do themselves, especially those living in the city. So your best option is to visit any Hudson Valley VFW chapter. The VFW collects old flags and saves them to be retired respectfully during a burning ceremony. There are also other organizations that will recycle or dispose of your flag free of charge.

Whomever threw out this flag obviously didn't know their flag etiquette. But luckily, the mistake was discovered by some quick thinking Department of Public Works employees in the City of Poughkeepsie. When they saw the flag set to be put in the trash, the DPW workers removed it and brought it to the Eleanor Roosevelt State Office Building on Burnett Blvd in Poughkeepsie. Flags are currently being collected there until Wednesday, May 23 on business days from 7am to 5pm.

According to the City of Poughkeepsie, all of the flags collected at that location will be properly disposed of at the Memorial Watchfire hosted by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 103, on Sunday, May 27 at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

While you may already know how to properly dispose of a flag, there are quite a few things that most people do every day to the American Flag that are actually viewed as disrespectful. How many of these seven flag rules do you break?

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