Did you lose something?

The feeling of losing something like this is not a feeling any of us enjoy experiencing, but if you did misplace your backpack, the Washingtonville Police Department has found it, and is looking to find it's owner.

According to the Washingtonville Police Departments Facebook page, they have begun a search to find the owner of a black North Face backpack, which was found in the Brookshire Condominium area back on March 1st. The condominium complex is located in the Orange County village of Washingtonville, just off of Route 94.

Police have released information on Facebook as to the contents of the found backpack, they said, "The bag contains a 2-liter bottle of Diet-Coke, 1.75 liter of Barton Vodka, glass water bong, a zip lock bag containing 22 grams of a green vegetation substance, metal grinder with the same green vegetation substance, a lighter and a pair of men’s size large Hanes underwear."

The police department went on to say in their post that if you're the owner of this property, to claim it please, "promptly come to the Police Station to retrieve your items with a valid ID. We are open 24/7."

**Found Property**

The Washingtonville Police Department is looking for the owner of a black North Face bookbag which...

Posted by Washingtonville Police Department on Monday, March 1, 2021

Now if you, or someone you know did lose this bag, please make sure that you read this story at least three times before you plan on going over to claim your property at the police station....PLEASE!!! LOL! How long do you think it'll take for the police department to update their Facebook post with someone who came in to claim it? I'll keep my fingers crossed that they have a medical card. LOL!

Thank you for the laugh Washingtonville.

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