Trick-or-Treat! You're probably drinking a few extra coffees to get through the day and get ready for the doorbell ringing later this evening.

While the streets will be crawling with kids dressed in their spookiest get-ups collecting mounds of candy, your pets at home may be feeling a little uncomfortable. I know for a fact my puppy is a little frightened by the scary decorations covering Hudson Valley lawns. He spent 5 minutes barking at an inflatable 'haunted tree' this weekend.

With that being said, the Humane Society has shared a handful of helpful tips for pet safety on Halloween.

Keep Your Treats to Yourself

The first is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that candy is not good for our pets. The Human Society adds  "Many foods, such as chocolate, gum, and xylitol (a sweetener used in many foods) are hazardous to pets."

Make sure to remind your trick-or-treaters not to share their candy with their favorite pets.

Ding Dong!

Amy Nichols, Vice President of Companion Animals and Equine Protection at the Humane Society of the United States, reminds dog owners that their natural instinct is to protect their homes. Nichols adds  "Trick-or-treaters continually knocking on the door or ringing the bell can be very stressful to both dogs and cats.”

They recommend setting up your candy outside so there isn't a constant stream of knocks and doorbells. If setting up outside isn't an option, find a quiet space for your pet filled with toys, treats, and distractions.

Decoration and Costume Safety

If you're dressing your pet up for Halloween, be sure to "remove any chewable parts or objects that could come off and choke your pet." Be aware of your pet's comfort level and that they can move freely.


While you may think your Halloween decorations are harmless, they could turn dangerous if your 4 legged friends get ahold of them. The Human society writes:

Be aware of which decorations pose threats. Some hazards are obvious, like lit candles (fire hazards and toxic to birds if scented). Other potentially dangerous decorations include rubber eyeballs (choking risk), glow sticks and fake blood (possible poisons), fake cobwebs (can choke or entangle pets and wildlife), potpourri (toxic to birds) and strung lights. Watch out for those candy wrappers and plastic packaging too!

Halloween Pet Safety Tips 2022

Lastly, keep your pets indoors. The Human Society explains further stating:

 Bring your pets indoors before night falls. Cats are always safest inside with you, but on Halloween it’s especially important to secure all pets inside so they don’t run away out of fear of adults and children in costumes.

As a precaution make sure your pet is wearing proper identification tags and that their microchip is registered with your most up-to-date information.

For more details on how to keep your pet safe year-round, visit

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