Here we go again!

It seems like every Halloween there is always some sort of local debate. These debates have nothing to do with candy, curfews, eggs, and shaving cream. Nope, these debates usually begin in local Hudson Valley Facebook groups. If you're on social media, you know what we're talking about, those parent and town groups that are usually pretty helpful with advice and updates on local events.


Remember the HV 'Weather Shaming' Halloween of 2019?

However, around the Halloween holiday, it always seems to take a weird turn. For instance, I believe it was Halloween 2019 when parents were fighting over whether or not trick-or-treating should be moved due to rain.

The word 'weather shaming' was thrown around a time or 2 that year.

Then of course there was Halloween of 2020 which was a big ole mess due to the COVID-19 lockdown and socially distant trick-or-treating.


The Hudson Valley Halloween 2022 Debate

Welcome to Halloween 2022, where Hudson Valley-based Facebook groups are debating what day they should be handing out Halloween candy.

Because Halloween falls on a Monday this year, discussions have begun on when Trick-or-Treaters should get their candy. I saw several Facebook group posts that looked like this: "Are we handing out Halloween candy on Sunday?"


Which was then met with a flurry of comments like "Halloween is on Monday. So we're handing out candy on Monday."

Don't get me wrong, Halloween on a Monday is tough. But do we need to reschedule the whole holiday? Probably not, but that's just me.

Hudson Valley Parents, We Want to Hear from You!

When are you handing out Halloween Candy and when are you letting your Trick-or-Treaters celebrate the spooky holiday? On Sunday, October 30th or on Monday, October 31st (aka Halloween)?

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