The Hudson Valley may be the last place you want to live if you suffer from breathing issues.

A new survey released by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has ranked the Hudson Valley as one of the worst places for asthma in the United States.

According to the AAFA, Poughkeepsie is ranked the worst city in two major categories and comes in 6th overall as the most challenging place to live with asthma in 2023.

The list ranks 100 major metropolitan areas across the nation by factoring in three important health outcomes; asthma prevalence, emergency department visits for asthma, and deaths due to asthma.


The Hudson Valley ranks worst in two major categories

Poughkeepsie ranks first in the nation when it comes to asthma prevalence. That means that a higher percentage of people suffer from asthma in the Hudson Valley than anywhere else in the United States. The ranking is measured by the number of people who have sought help for asthma-related issues over the last year.

Unfortunately, while the Hudson Valley has the largest number of asthma sufferers, it also has the least amount of doctors able to help. The Hudson Valley ranks dead last in access to asthma specialists. According to the AAFA survey, the Poughkeepsie metropolitan area has the least number of specialists per asthma sufferer. This can lead to waiting months for an appointment or having to travel long distances to get care.

The Hudson Valley, New York is one of the most challenging places for asthma

A ranking of 100 major cities across the nation lists Poughkeepsie as the 6th most challenging place for asthma sufferers. The number of cases and lack of specialists earns the Hudson Valley a score of 88.96. The average is 61.

Only five other cities scored worse the Poughkeepsie. The number one city was Allentown, PA followed by Lakeland, FL; Charleston, SC; Cleveland, OH and Detroit, MI.


Some good news for Hudson Valley asthma sufferers

While the area is ranked one of the worst places to live with asthma, it actually ranks better than average for emergency room visits due to asthma complications. It's still unclear why Hudson Valley asthma sufferers seem to be able to control the disease better than in other areas of the country. The area also has an average number of deaths from asthma, which is good news considering the Hudson Valley ranks first in disease prevalence.

Asthma season is just beginning

The AAFA has released its survey during the first week of September, which is considered peak asthma season. The month sees higher counts of ragweed pollen and mold spores, poor indoor air quality in schools, the beginning of respiratory illness season and other factors that trigger asthma sufferers.

Specifically, the third week of September, which experts call "Asthma Peak Week" is considered the worst.

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