The spider is so big that it could double as a horror movie prop.

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Oh boy....that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture. I was scrolling on Facebook the other night and a picture appeared that stopped me right in my scrolling. A huge spider was recently photographed by one Hudson Valley resident and the picture is pretty crazy.

Spiders in the Hudson Valley:

L. Bixby/Canva
L. Bixby/Canva

I might cry if I saw this....I wish i was kidding. The Hudson Valley is filled with a lot of creepy crawlers and it seems like they are just getting bigger each year. Is there some kind of miracle grow in everything around here?

There are a ton of spiders that can be found across New York state, you probably have seen a few of them during your time outside. I'm no expert here, but based off some research I would think this spider is a Nocturnal Orb Weaving Spider. A lot of times they are found on the porch or near lights on the porch and it does look like that could match the picture. According to officials, they have crazy patterns and this spider has some pretty interesting colors and shapes. However, I can't confirm it's that kind of spider.

Have you ever seen a spider this big in your home before? What kind of spider do you think it is? Share your answer with us on the station app.

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